Crime fiction – The Milo Cavalli series

The main character in Asle Skredderberget’s crime novels is Milo Cavalli. Half Norwegian and half Italian he is definitely not your typical nordic noir investigator. In fact, he’s quite the opposite. Milo is successful and attractive, a catholic that goes to confession and extremely rich. And he taps into his family fortune whenever he needs to, in order to crack the case he’s working on.

That does not mean that the Cavalli series is without a sense of nordic noir. Milo is struggling to get over the suicide of his mother, and to fix the relationship to his father. His close colleague, chief investigator Sørensen, also has a relatively fatalistic view on life.

A number of crititcs has underlined that Milo Cavalli represents a refreshment in the world of Nordic crime.

Asle has written an essay about the relationship between Milo Cavalli and the Nordic noir wave, which was first published in the Mystery Readers Journal in 2015. The essay is available on his Tumblr blog here.



The Oslo Conspiracy       (Painkiller/Smertehimmel)

The Oslo Conspiracypainkiller-9783423215206Smertehimmel - Asle Skredderberget

Smertehimmel (Heaven of pain) was published in Norway, and later on under the title Painkiller in Germany. In October 2016 it will be published in the US as The Oslo Conspiracy.

In this story, Milo Cavalli is sent to investigate a murder of a Norwegian scientist in Rome. Two years earlier her kid brother was shot dead outside a school in Oslo. As the investigation proceeds, the case expands to involve organized crime in the Oslo underworld, as well as cynical members of the Wall Street financial elite.


Soft as metall (Metallmyk)


Asle’s debut novel made the shortlist of the prestigious Riverton Award as Norway´s best crime novel. The story is set in Oslo and Milan, and the the backdrop is both the financial industry and the weapons industry.



Asle Skredderberget is currently writing the third book in the MIlo Cavalli-series. It has the working title Vigilante, and will be out in Norway in 2016, and the US the year after.


One thought on “Crime fiction – The Milo Cavalli series

  1. Hello from the United States, I just finished The Oslo Conspiracy. It was wonderful. As a Catholic, I really appreciate your positive images of Catholics; that does not happen often. I am looking forward to your next book when it is translated.


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