Hegnar – Outsider on the inside

(Hegnar – Outsider på innsiden)

Hegnar was published in 2013, and is the unauthorized biography about one of Norway´s richest persons – the media billionaire Trygve Hegnar. The book tells the story of a troubled childhood and an exceptional will to succeed, no matter what. Although branded as a “piece of shit” by Hegnar himself, the book received great reviews in Norwegian media.

Accidentally Rich – How Norway climbed the throne of Wall Street

(Usannsynlig Rik – Historien om Oljefondet)

Usannsynlig rik

In just a few decades Norway has become one of the world´s biggest investors through the Petroleum Fund. Money from pumping up oil from the North Sea has been channeled into the world´s biggest sovereign wealth fund, collectively owned by every Norwegian citizen. The fund has invested in more than 9000 companies all over the world, as well as invested in properties in London, New York, Berlin and Washington. This book tells the story of who decided Norway shouldn´t waste its wealth but rather invest it, how they are tackling the “wolfs of Wall Street” and where they will invest the coming years. The book will be out in Norway in October 2015, and an international edition will be available 2016.


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