Soft as Metal

This year´s best crime debut!

(Anders Mehlum Hasle, Sandefjords Blad)

Ambitious and successful

(Kurt Hansen, Dagbladet)

Skredderberget has an insight into business and the financial world (…) which is unuasual in Norwegian crime novels

(Ola A. Hegdal, Dagens Næringsliv)

Original and sympathetic main charater, original framework and very current about Norwegian finance and weapons export industry

(The Riverton Jury)


The intrigues presented in Painkiller are finely wrought and extremely convincing (…) (Skredderberget) moves up into the top tier of this genre

(Pål Gerhard Olsen, Aftenposten)

Intruiging, likable and well told – with a distressing backstory

(Wiener Journal)

The author is great at gathering very different threads of stories to an elegant ending, and I devoured the second half of this novel

(Kristine Isaksen, VG)

What binds this varied, if not totally diverse, mixture together is the central character of Milo Cavalli. Youthful, well-dressed and successful, with his pockets full of money, he is the antithesis of the bitter, middle-aged crime heroes we have become accustomed to

(Ola A. Hegdal, Dagens Næringsliv)

Skredderberget’s tailor-made super-hero, the Norwegian-Italian financial crime investigator Milo Cavalli, is just as unlikely as he is irresistible. Rich, educated, charming, fond of women as well as kind-hearted

Bergens Tidende

Painkiller is a great mix of entertaining novel and intruiging business thriller

Christian Weihrauch, Hanauer Anzeiger


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